Therapies Provided

We at Ehsaas always try to optimize the use of space, resources, manpower and provide best possible services. Following are the details of the services we provide to the students, parents and the public in general.

Physiotherapy aims at promoting movement of the child in a physiologically efficient manner. It consists of Passive and Active exercises. Passive movements are brought about at a joint by means of external force. It prevents adhesion formation at joints and helps in muscle contraction and induces relaxation. The Active movements are brought about at a joint by means of patients own muscle efforts together with external force, which increases muscle power and builds confidence.

Speech Therapy:
Importance of communication skills cannot be ignored in today’s life. Recognizing this fact, Speech Therapy is provided to improve communication skills, language development and speech development by Audiometer, Instrumental Therapy, Vocalization, and Articulation techniques.

Special Education :
Individualized education is provided according to the child’s mental age & chronological age. In order to establish specific instructional objectives it is necessary to assess the child’s current level of performance and than frame the whole education programme. Ehsaas has got a broad range of educational toys and covers almost every topic of special education by its wooden board series.

Special Education via Computers :
Latest educational techniques are used for imparting education. In this world of IT, computers give us wide range of educational material, in an easily understandable manner. Ehsaas has an extensive collection of educational CD’s, which has made learning very fast for it’s students.

Computer Education :
The importance of computer education in today’s world can never be ignored. We, at Ehsaas provide computer education to all its students even at initial level of mental development which creates an interest in the child and help him actually develop much faster & better. Results have proven that if a child’s interest & will to learn is created, miraculous changes & results can be achieved. Computer education & typing is especially helpful to those children who cannot write due to the movements or tightness in their body. The computer is not less than a writing hand for these children.

Counseling :
Researches clearly indicate that these children need more support and love. Psychological problems due to lack of attention and care from near & dear who are themselves preoccupied are no rarity these days. Realizing these fasts, Ehsaas pays special attention in providing counseling for its students. Students are regularly monitored and their various actions, changes recorded and looked for every other behavioral divergence that creeps in. Thus, it not only mends the pre-existing psychological disorders but also helps nipping in the bud any new discrepancy in the attitude at a very early stage.

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