What makes us Special ?

Society Initiated By Parents
Ehsaas is a society made by the parents of the children for the children with special needs. The idea for making such a society has been an outcome of a prolonged struggle by these parents where they have strived hard for a better life for their children. They realized that Gwalior lacked in facilities for children with special needs. They had to go all-out looking for their child therapies, training programme and proper environment needed for their development. It was their desire to utilize their experiences in search of an environment for holistic development for such children that inspired them to start this society. And finally the collective hopes, dreams and effort conceptualized Ehsaas being officially registered on 10th July 2003.

Society Raised By Parents
Ehsaas has not received any government aid as yet and the other donations received by the society add to a very minimal total. So the almost whole of expenditures have been made solely, collectively by the parents. Moreover they have purchased about a land of 26,000 square feet for the purpose of building a school for these children. Thus, Ehsaas has not only filled the void in Gwalior in this area but with the parents themselves taking initiative for their children and others, has also achieved significant growth and laid foundation for establishing a society, where these disabled would stand as equals with others.

Special Attention To Every Child 
Ehsaas has a team of about 20-25 persons (including staff & volunteers); In addition the members(parents of children & otherwise) too contribute. Ehsaas believes in quality education and services, hence a particular teacher takes only 1-4 students at a time. This ensures that every child is getting appropriate progress in education and the therapies given. One of the most common and disconcerting with these children is communication. This may be due to improper speech or the indifferent nature that these children tend to develop. Keeping the teacher-child ratio less also ensures proper communication with these children.

Personalized Care & Use Of Latest Educational Methodologies 
Ehsaas has got a broad range of educational toys and covers almost every topic of special education by its wooden board series. Ehsaas do not entirely depend on the educational material available in the market but also has an innovative staff, which keeps on adding new methodologies to the pre-existing system. Moreover, Ehsaas has designed various education materials of its own which will gain wide acceptance in due course.

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